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Selected Sublications

Carvalho FLF, Wang Y, Dall CP, Nayan M, Chou WH, McGregor B, Stopfkuchen-Evans MF, Stamatakis L, Preston MA, Kibel AS, Chang SL, Mossanen M. Preoperative Anemia is Associated with Increased Radical Cystectomy Complications. Urol Oncol 2022 Aug;40(8):382.e7-382.e13 PMID: 35690547.

Mossanen M*, Carvalho FLF*, Muralidhar V*, Preston M, Reardon B, Conway JR, Curran C, Freeman D, Sha S, Sonpavde G, Hirsch M, Kibel AS, Van Allen EM**, Mouw KW**. Genomic Features of Muscle-Invasive Bladder Tumors Arising After Prostate Radiotherapy. Eur Urol. 2022 May;81(5):466-473. PMID: 34953602; PMC9018481. * Equal contribution

Bakouny Z, Sadagopan A, Ravi P, Metaferia NY, Li J, AbuHammad S, Tang S, Denizeb T, Garner ER, Gao X, Braun DA, Hirsch L, Steinharter JA, Bouchard G, Walton E, West D, Labaki C, Dudani S, Gan CL, Sethunath V, Carvalho FLF, Imamovic A, Ricker C, Vokes NI, Nyman J, Berchuck JE, Park J, Hirsch MS, Haq R, Mary Lee GS, McGregor BA, Chang SL, Feldman AS, Wu CJ, McDermott DF, Heng DYC, Signoretti S, Van Allen EM, Choueiri TK, Viswanathan SR. Integrative clinical and molecular characterization of translocation renal cell carcinoma. Cell Rep 2022, 38(1): 110190 PMID: 34986355.

Nayan M, Salari K, Bozzo A, Ganglberger W, Carvalho FLF, Feldman AS, Trinh QD. Predicting survival after radical prostatectomy: Variation of machine learning performance by race. Prostate. 2021 Dec;81(16):1355-1364 PMID: 34529282.

Carvalho FLF, Zeymo A, Kelly CH, Zheng C, Lynch JH, Hwang J, Stamatakis L, Krasnow RE, Kowalczyk KJ. Determinants of neoadjuvant chemotherapy use in muscle-invasive bladder cancer Investig Clin Urology 2020;61:390-396 PMID: 32665995.

Carvalho FLF, Zheng C, Witmer K, O’Neill J, Lynch JH, Kowalczyk KJ. Complications associated with perioperative use of tyrosine kinase inhibitor in cytoreductive nephrectomy. Sci Rep 2019 9:15272 PMID: 31649310.

Xie W, Kagiampakis I, Pan L, Zhang YW, Murphy L, Tao Y, Kong X, Xia L, Carvalho FLF, Sen S, Yen RW, Zahnow CA, Ahuja N, Baylin SB, Easwaran H. DNA methylation patterns separate senescence from transformation potential and indicate cancer risk. Cancer Cell 2018 Feb 12;33(2):309-321 PMID: 29438699.

Carvalho FLF, Marchionni L, Gupta A, Kummangal BA, Schaeffer EM, Ross AE, Berman DM. HES6 promotes prostate cancer aggressiveness independently of Notch signaling. J Cell Mol Med. 2015 Jul;19(7):1624-36 PMID: 25864518.

Lotan TL*, Carvalho FLF*, Peskoe SB, Hicks JL, Good J, Fedor H, Humphreys E, Han M, Platz EA, Squire JA, De Marzo AM, Berman DM. PTEN Loss Predicts Upgrading of Prostate Cancer from Biopsy to Radical Prostatectomy. Mod Pathol. 2015 Jan; 28(1):128-37 PMID: 24993522. *Equal contribution

Carvalho FLF, Simons B W, Antonarakis ES, Rasheed Z, Douglas N, Villegas D, Matsui W, Berman DM. Tumorigenic potential of circulating prostate tumor cells. Oncotarget, 2013;4(3):413-21. PMID: 23530114.

Other peer-reviewed publications

Carvalho FLF, Salari K. Novel and Investigational Diagnostics: Liquid Biopsy and Beyond. Comprehensive Diagnostic Approach to Bladder Cancer. Molecular imaging and biomarkers. Springer Nature.

Matulewicz RS, Bjurlin MA, Carvalho FLF, Mossanen M, El-Shahawy O. Best practices for assessing and reporting tobacco use in urology oncology practice and research. Urol Oncol 2021 Aug;39(8):446-451. PMID: 34078582.

Carvalho FLF, Galloway LA, Saoud R, Agarwal P, Stamatakis L. Considerations about Non- Metastatic Bladder Cancer Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Bladder Cancer 2020;6(2)99-106.

Carvalho FLF, Simons BW, Eberhart CG, Berman DM. Notch signaling in prostate cancer: A moving target. Prostate. 2014 Jun;74(9):933-45 PMID: 24737393.

Letters to the Editor

Carvalho FLF, Mossanen M, Van Allen EM, Mouw KW. Reply to Yuxuan Song, Yiqing Du, and Tao Xu’s Letter to the Editor re: Matthew Mossanen, Filipe L.F. Carvalho, Vinayak Muralidhar, et al. Genomic Features of Muscle-invasive Bladder Cancer Arising After Prostate Radiotherapy. Eur Urol. Nov 2022, 82(5):E141-E142.

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